Dogs Removed from Detention Centers
A first step to ending torture
The immigrant rights' movement won a significant victory in December, 2004, when the Dept. Of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement arm directed that all jails in the US holding immigrant detainees cease to use dogs around the detainees.

Building an Anti-War Movement
that Fights on Two Fronts 
Hands Off Iberville!

New Orleans' anti-war movement is making a concrete connection between the two fronts of the war. Local anti-war activists are working in solidarity with the African American working class residents of the Iberville public housing development to derail plans by local real estate sharks and the city government to demolish their community.

Freehold Immigrant Workers Win Gains
In the past year, immigrant day-laborers in Freehold, NJ have turned back a government attempt to push them out of the town and, by organizing together with native-born activists, have set up a hiring-hall-like system that has boosted wages. Their ongoing struggle is an example of how immigrant-citizen unity can beat back the anti-immigrant offensive and win real gains for all workers.

Worker-run Factories in Argentina
Two hundred factories and businesses in Argentina have been seized by their workers and are now run democratically by the workers. In the midst of an on-going depression, with unemployment still hovering above 20%, some Argentine workers have demonstrated over the past four years that there are other ways of running the economy.

Analysis-The Lessons of the Election

Is There Another Way to Run Society?

The Presidential election of 2004 abundantly demonstrates the futility of relying on the Democrats.  In the end, Kerry offered absolutely no alternative to Bush-he did not oppose the war, he did not oppose the attacks on civil rights, he did not oppose the vast transfer of wealth from workers to the rich. Since he offered no alternative, he naturally lost.