The jurors on the Commission of Inquiry into the Crimes of the Bush Administration have rendered their verdict—unsurprisingly; it is guilty on all counts. This verdict labels the unlawful detention, torture and murder polices of this government for what they are-- war crimes, prosecutable under both US and international law. The illegal detention of immigrants here in the US is specifically included as one of the crimes. The verdict is available for download at:

NJ Civil Rights Defense Committee participated actively in this effort, working closely with the Center for Constitutional Rights. Some of the testimony is available on videos linked from our website, and we expect more will become available soon.
A short video focusing on detention and torture is on the Commission home
page, , on the top right.

Videos from last October’s First Session of the Commission of Inquiry are now available for viewing. The following are on the Testimony on Detention and Torture
Eric Lerner of NJCRDC and Barbara Olshansky of the Center for Constitutional Rights
Sarah Sohn, Immigration Equality
Saleh Ajaj, former detainee

The complete audio testimony from the second session is at
I think that this verdict and the videos of the testimony can be used for future organizing by both us and others, especially in local drives to close the detention facilities.

The verdict covers crimes in connection not only with detention and torture, but also the Iraq war, Katrina, global warming and AIDS policy.
Eric Lerner