We come from countries economically destroyed by this economic system and we had no other option except to come to this country where we suffer many privations:  we are continually marginalized and the moral suffering we have undergone here is worse than what we had to undergo in our own countries, despite their poverty.

The destruction of the Twin Towers  was easily molded to the interests of International Finance Capital.  This permits the complete annulling of human rights, especially of those whose thinking could be considered as being enemies of the system.  Clearly, they are looking through a prism  where all concepts of what is moral and ethical and the elementary rights of human beings are stomped on.

This is frightening because many people are being involved who have little or nothing to do with the situation but due to their ethnic origin will be object of witch hunts.  There is a logic in this as the system looks for  scapegoats to hide its own culpability and its fear that it will be attacked again because of the anti-human methods it utilizes.

Many day laborers in San Francisco feel  deep concern when they hear this slogan of "war on terrorism", particularly those who have developed within themselves a global consciousness. We are giving classes to the day laborers in Spanish on the current situation to create consciousness, although there many who are afraid to talk. As the Bishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero used to say: For he who opposes the system, it is as if without realizing he takes a high tension wire in his hands.