Statement of Agreement

The goal of the Workers Democracy Network is to organize a democratic workers movement that unites all workers, on an equal basis, around our common interests. We oppose business unionism and all cooperation with the corporate elite. We will build neighborhood, city-wide, regional and continental organizations that unite the entire working class: union and non-union workers; students, employed, self-employed and unemployed; immigrants and native-born; men and women of all ethnic backgrounds. 
We stand in solidarity with workers all over the world and oppose all nationalism, oppression and bigotry, which pit one group of workers against another. 

In the process of building this movement, we will create a politics independent of the corporations, breaking with all parties of the bosses, and seeking to run independent workers' candidates as soon as possible. 

The network will be truly democratic with the power in the hands of the members. We will have no permanent division into leaders and led. 

By building a democratic, unified workers movement, we will lay the basis for a new world, free of capitalism, where workers will democratically run society and control their own lives.

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